Wednesday, April 21, 2010

25 Reasons Batman Keeps Dental Floss on His Utility Belt.

Our staff had some fun coming up all these reasons that Dental Floss is the preferred weapon of Superheroes. Given that Batman has a utility belt, he was our ideal choice.

1.Cutting Cheese Cake (unwaxed only)
2. Tie up Christmas ornaments in Wayne Manor.
3. Macrame
4. Tie string around finger to remember to change to alter ego.
5. Sew a button on the Bat Suit in a pinch
6. Tie plants to stakes
7. Replace broken shoe lace
8. Quick jewelry repair
9. Fishing line
10. Tie button hole closed in a pinch
11. Tie hair back
12. Use as an approximate measuring tape
13. Book mark
14. Tie it to a door knob for loose tooth removal
15. Use to draw straws with Robin over who drives the Batmobile.
16. Prison Break! Over time, dental floss can cut through steel. It can also be used to repel down a wall.
17. Weave together to make a small net to trap villains in.
18. For use in medical emergencies. It can be used to tie off arteries when all those “POWS” and “BAMS” get too much. It can also be used to tie off umbilical cords for unexpected civilian deliveries.
19. Repair umbrella (or Bat Cape). Use floss to tie fabric to the frame.
20. DIY clothes line.
21. Foil frays! Wrap dental floss around the ends of ropes and shoe laces to stop them from unraveling.
22. Floss other “utilities”. Making a braid out of floss allows you to clean crevices in tools.
23. Construct a crafty wind chime for Vicki Vale
24. Tie down broken bat mobile trunk. Ten loops through should do it.
25. Floss teeth and prevent gum disease!!!